11 Mei 2014

Life is Beutiful

By MuFe El-Bageloka

Now, I want tell you a story, not about love. But this story about my experience in my life. This is story has happened in front of me, hotspot UMM (University of Muhammadiyah Malang). Someone with his girlsfriends to joked with her. When I saw them, oh my god my heart jealous, very jealous "fuck". So this is so complicated.

In Hostpot very very noisy. In front of me, He joke with her lover. While beside me shout "GOAAAAALLLLL". My heart said "Preeettttt". This is life, my opinion life is beutiful. So make your life fun or enjoy in your life who knows sad or Fun.

Oke, Maybe it's from me,
Thanks your attention

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